What Is Fitness To Practice?

What does it mean fitness to practice?

By fitness to practise we mean where a registrant has the skills, knowledge, character and health to practise safely and effectively. Fitness to practise may also involve issues outside of professional or clinical performance.

What is fitness to practice in nursing?

Fitness to practise (FTP) is “all the qualities and capabilities of an individual relevant to their capacity to practise as a registered nurse, including but not limited to, freedom from any cognitive, physical, psychological or emotional condition and dependence on alcohol or drugs that impairs his or her ability to

What is fitness to practice in medicine?

Fitness to practise is a part of how medical schools help their students become excellent professionals. Medical schools and universities must have a process to identify and deal with students whose fitness to practise may be impaired.

What can affect fitness to practice?

Fitness to practise may involve issues outside of professional or clinical performance. Standards of proficiency

  • Misconduct – behaviour that falls short of what can reasonably be expected of a professional.
  • Lack of competence – lack of knowledge, skill and judgement, usually repeated and over a period of time.
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How long does a fitness to practice take?

It can take up to 8 weeks to complete this stage of the fitness to practise process.

Why is it important to maintain fitness to practice?

As a health and care regulator, we require registrants to maintain their fitness to practise by ensuring that their health does not affect their ability to practise their profession safely and effectively. For us this also includes taking care of mental health and wellbeing.

How long do NMC investigations take?

The investigation is the longest part of the process and if we need to gather a lot of evidence, it can take up to a year to complete. The investigator will contact you at least every four months to let you know what’s happening, or more often if there are updates.

What is relational practice?

Relational practice – “A humanely involved process of respectful, compassionate, and authentically interested inquiry into another (and one’s own) experiences” (Hartrick Doane, 2002, p. 401).

Why are professional boundaries important in nursing?

Professional boundaries are the spaces between the nurse’s power and the patient’s vulnerability. The power of the nurse comes from the nurse’s professional position and access to sensitive personal information. Nurses should make every effort to respect the power imbalance and ensure a patient-centered relationship.

Are medical students registered with the GMC?

All GMC Connect users for your medical school will be able to see the list of students and export the data. We’ll email your students by the end of September to tell them their GMC reference number. It’s important that your students know that simply having a GMC number does not mean that they hold registration.

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Can you study medicine with a mental illness?

Medical schools should explain that mental health conditions are common in medical students and that support is available. In almost every case, a mental health condition does not prevent a student from completing his or her course and continuing a career in medicine.

What is a professional GMC?

Good medical practice describes what it means to be a good doctor. It says that as a good doctor you will: make the care of your patient your first concern. be competent and keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date. establish and maintain good partnerships with your patients and colleagues.

Do you have a fitness to practice?

According to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), someone is fit to practise if they have “the skills, knowledge, character and health to practise their profession safely and effectively”[1].

What is a fitness to practice review?

Fitness to practise is a nurse’s or midwife’s suitability to be on the Register without restrictions. One of our most important tasks is to deal with allegations that a nurse / midwife’s fitness to practise is impaired due to: Misconduct.

Do you need to be physically fit to be a nurse?

To do their jobs well, nurses need to have physical strength, the ability to move around freely, and the ability to see, hear and communicate well with patients.

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