Readers ask: What Time Does Retro Fitness Open?

Is Retro Fitness open 24 hours?

Our gym is open 24 hours a day to ensure that members who work night shifts or irregular hours will always have time to work out. Whether you want to work out alone or in a group, Retro Fitness has plenty of options available for you.

How much is a retro membership?

Retro Fitness Prices

Item Price
Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $99.00
Annual Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $39.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $19.99
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (Standard) $0.00


What is the minimum age for Retro Fitness?

You may not access the Services or accept this Agreement if You are not at least 18 years old, You do not have authority to bind the Entity on behalf of which you purport to act, or You do not agree with any part of this Agreement.

Can u bring a guest to retro fitness?

Ultimate members may bring a guest with them to the gym. Please call ahead to your home club prior to bringing a guest to verify if they can accommodate a guest based on local guidelines. Please call your club for any assistance or questions. For assistance via email, contact [email protected] retrofitness.comcreate new email.

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How much is retro a month?

10.2 Does Retro Fitness have a contract? Retro Fitness Prices.

Service Cost
Initiation Fee $19.99
Monthly Fee $29.99
Cancellation Fee $0.00
Retro Fitness Prices – ANNUALLY (ONE CLUB)


Can I cancel my retro fitness membership?

Within the first three days of signing your membership agreement, you can cancel with no penalties. Within the first year of your contract, but after the first three days, you can cancel at any time by paying three months of your membership, or the remaining part of your 12-month membership.

Can you pay cash at Retro Fitness?

Retro Fitness on Glenwood accepts cash. But will require a card on file. It’s good in that you can pay cash your membership, but if you forget to pay before due date, it has a fall back.

Does Retro Fitness have a student discount?

Is There a Student Discount for Retro Fitness? Yes, you can receive student discount by verifying your student ID. The discount is about 10% ~ 20%.

Does Retro Fitness have bench press?

Pretty much everything you need is there, there’s 3 benches, a squat rack, and a power rack. All the usual weight machines if that’s your thing, and every cardio machine you’d need. Dumbbells go to 120 (?)

What age can you workout at Planet Fitness?

Members aged 13 and 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when they work out. Members who are 15 to 17 years old must have a signed waiver from a parent or guardian on file. Please note that any PF Black Card® guests must be 18 years old with a valid ID, unless they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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What year is considered retro?

Typically, the term retro is given to items which are at least 20 years old (but not yet 40 years old). Again using today’s posting date, retro items would be those made between 1979 and 1998.

Does Retro Fitness have a basketball court?

We have some of the finest state-of-the-art gym equipment for group or individual workouts. Furthermore, our high-energy classes make it fun to break a sweat. You’ll also love our Cardio Movie Theater, turf field availability, basketball courts, open-space design facilities and famous Retro Blends Smoothie Bar.

Who is the owner of Retro Fitness?

Retro Fitness CEO – Andrew Alfano continues to fight for Small Businesses in NJ & NY. retrofitnessRetro Fitness CEO Andrew Alfano continues to fight for Small Businesses “The facts, data and science will tell you every single day Get these gyms open and they should’ve been open a long time ago!

How do you write a cancellation letter for a gym membership?

Please consider this letter as a formal request to cancel my gym membership number [xxxx]. I don’t wish to renew because [mention the reason here]. Under the current terms, I need to cancel at least [1 month] before the expiration date, so I’m still on the safe side.

What is an annual rate guarantee fee?

Month-to-month rates valid on memberships paid by checking account electronic funds transfer. A $39 annual rate guarantee fee will be charged approximately 60 days from the date of join and will automatically renew once a year until membership is cancelled.

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