Readers ask: How Much Is Iron Tribe Fitness?

What is the cost of Iron Tribe Fitness?

They’re mostly affordable, ranging in pricing to the ultra low at $10 a month to more than $300 for the high-end brands. One thing they all have in common is while the staff is friendly, they’re going to be mostly hands off when it comes to your fitness journey.

What kind of workout is Iron Tribe?

Iron Tribe Fitness (ITF) is a CrossFit concept gym with classes lasting 45 minutes. The average workout of the day (WOD) is 20 minutes – short in duration, but high in intensity.

How much do Iron Tribe coaches make?

The typical Iron Tribe Fitness Coach salary is $37,150. Coach salaries at Iron Tribe Fitness can range from $31,482 – $40,618.

How much is Iron Tribe a month?

Cost: Varies by city and membership package but typically ranges from $189-$249/ month. Amenities: InBody scan (body composition analysis), private showers, 10:1 member/coach ratio, and protein and supplements available for purchase.

Is the 6 week challenge really free?

It’s FREE and builds each week so you start small and quickly rack up wins to keep you moving forward! Although we do live a healthy lifestyle year-round it’s always nice to have something to look forward to as a way to kick things up a notch. I thought I would share a little challenge that I created for myself.

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How many locations does Iron Tribe have?

It’s the fastest-growing gym of its kind in America, with more than 60 locations being developed in 15 states.

Is Orange theory or CrossFit better?

OTF is more focused on cardio, as opposed to the heavy strength training in CrossFit. You’ll find more running and rowing in OTF than in the other two. OrangeTheory Fitness is the best choice if your goal is only to lose weight.

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