Quick Answer: How To Change Planet Fitness Membership?

How do I change my Planet Fitness membership?

How do I upgrade my membership? Upgrading your membership has never been faster or easier. You can do it all online simply by clicking here (you’ll need your PF key tag number). Or, stop by the club and our front desk staff can do it for you.

Does it cost to downgrade Planet Fitness membership?

You can only downgrade your membership in person; you cannot downgrade your membership over the phone or by email. Some locations will charge a fee of $29 to $39. For more information on how to downgrade Planet Fitness memberships, see below.

How do I change my club on Planet Fitness App?

Can I transfer to a different club or downgrade my membership within the app? Please visit the Planetfitness.com website to transfer your membership. Please visit your home club to make any other changes to your membership.

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How many times can you switch your home gym at Planet Fitness?

Classic members can change home clubs every 90 days, however some locations will allow you access if you explain to them your situation. All depends on management.

Why did Planet Fitness charge me $40?

The $40 fee that you pay mid-way through your membership is your annual fee which goes towards new equipment and repairs!

Can I freeze my Planet Fitness membership?

Under membership freeze under the membership agreement, it states: Your membership can be frozen for verified medical reasons only at the time of illness, injury, or medical condition. Your fries will be limited to the time indicated as necessary by your physician up to a maximum of 3 months.

Is Black Card worth it Planet Fitness?

The Planet Fitness Black Card Membership has great perks, and it’s not terribly expensive given all of the nice offerings available. It may be worth checking in with your local PF to see what exactly is offered in their Black Card area since the offerings do vary somewhat by location.

Can I rejoin Planet Fitness If I owe money?

As long as you go as someone’s guest, don’t mention you have your own membership/ owe money, and aren’t known to the staff, no one will know and say you aren’t allowed in.

Does Planet Fitness charge an annual fee?

Annual fees are billed to a member once per year. Your billing date is dependent on your join date. The annual fee of $39 is billed on or around eight weeks after your join date. A staff member at your club can help you determine when your annual fee date is.

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How many times can you transfer a Planet Fitness membership?

Planet Fitness offers one of the lowest monthly-rates compared to other major gym chains. If you are already a member of Planet Fitness, you can transfer your membership to one of the over 1,000 other Planet Fitness locations across the United States.

How do I cancel a Planet Fitness membership?

You can’t cancel your membership by phone, via the Planet Fitness website, or even by email. You only have two official options: visiting in person or sending a letter. To cancel in person: Visit your home club’s front desk and request a cancellation form.

How do I write a gym membership cancellation notice?

Please consider this letter as a formal request to cancel my gym membership number [xxxx]. I don’t wish to renew because [mention the reason here]. Under the current terms, I need to cancel at least [1 month] before the expiration date, so I’m still on the safe side.

Can you switch home gyms with Planet Fitness?

Maybe you ‘re moving, heading off to school or looking for a location closer to your home or work. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to transfer your membership to a different PF club.

Does Planet Fitness take your picture?

If you haven’t already, our team members will take your picture for your member profile. Sign up for one of the free fitness training sessions at the front desk. Using any piece of equipment as long as you like!

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