Question: What Is A Fitness Consultation?

How do I prepare for a fitness consultation?

Start the fitness consultation by gathering information on the client’s background and prior fitness experience. This includes health history as well as prior training, sporting, and exercise experience. These two are equally important as they will determine the starting point of the program that the coach will design.

What is an exercise consultation?

Exercise Consults are individualized appointments with an exercise physiologist. The exercise physiologist will develop an exercise program that is designed to improve mobility and fitness based on your specific health condition.

What is an initial fitness consultation?

Introduction. The initial consultation is the foundation for a personal trainer’s success with a client. Personal trainers need to consider all factors that contribute to a client’s status, and how those factors affect the potential for future goals.

What does a health and fitness consultant do?

Fitness Consultants help clients achieve their fitness goals. Examples of Fitness Consultant duties are assessing client fitness levels, offering nutrition advice, developing personalized fitness programs, creating meal plans, and teaching clients how to prevent injuries.

What can I expect at a fitness consultation?

The consultation usually starts with introductions and a few questions between you and your trainer. This is where you can ask questions and outline your goals for your fitness sessions. Next, the trainer may take a few measurements or tests to help you track your progress over time.

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How long does a fitness assessment take?

In most cases the fitness assessment will take 45 minutes.

What should personal trainers ask clients?

6 Key Questions Personal Trainers Should Be Asking New Clients

  • Do You Have Any Medical Conditions?
  • What Are Your Short and Long-Term Goals?
  • How Much Sleep Do You Get Per Day?
  • What’s Your Daily Nutrition Like?
  • Are You a Smoker?
  • What Do You Do For a Living?

What is the first step in consultation?

First steps in consulting: now what?

  1. Assess your consulting spirit.
  2. Choose your consulting field.
  3. Take an inventory of your skills and experience.
  4. Note your opportunities.
  5. Narrow down your consulting field.
  6. Evaluate your consulting opportunity.
  7. Make a consulting business plan.

How do you conduct an initial consultation?

Here’s how you conduct a home run initial consultation

  1. Setting the client at ease.
  2. Building rapport.
  3. Gathering necessary information and setting intelligent goals.
  4. Educating the client.
  5. Establishing an initial game plan and mutual expectations.
  6. Assessing necessary baseline fitness parameters.

How do personal trainers find clients?

9 Ways to Get More Personal Training Clients

  1. Create Loyal Clients.
  2. Ask for Referrals.
  3. Write Articles for Local Magazines or Fitness Websites.
  4. Send Weekly Emails.
  5. Engage with Clients Through Facebook.
  6. Offer a Free Trial.
  7. Develop a Working Relationship with Health Professionals.
  8. Post Testimonials on Your Website.

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