Question: What Is A Beep Test For Fitness?

What is a good beep test score?

20m Multistage Fitness Test (Beep Test) Instructions

men women
excellent > 13 > 12
very good 11 – 13 10 – 12
good 9 – 11 8 – 10
average 7 – 9 6 – 8


How good is the beep test for fitness?

Check 5: The Beep Test People with solid aerobic health tend to have a longer life expectancy than those who lack it, according to a German study review. The Beep Test or 20-meter shuttle run is a classic measure of aerobic fitness.

How far is 7.5 on the beep test?

You’ll have to reach at least level 7.5 on your beep test. That means you’ll be running for a total of 6 minutes and 51 seconds getting progressively faster at every level. By the time you complete level 7.5, you’d have run a distance of 1120m that equals 56 sprints.

What does the beep test assess?

The beep test is a fitness test that was developed to measure a persons cardio vascular fitness level and maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 Max).

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Is Level 5.4 bleep test hard?

Simply put, the test needs to be more rigorous. To reach a level of 5.4 in the bleep test requires very little preparation. It is the equivalent of running at 5.5mph for 3 and a half minutes.

What should I eat before beep test?

Have a meal that contains a good portion of carbohydrates (salads, pasta products, rice and beans, etc.). This will provide the body with needed energy for the test. In the morning have a very light breakfast, such as a half or whole banana, some toast, and juice.

How far is 8.8 on the beep test?

To pass this test you must achieve level 8 shuttle 8 ( 8.8 ). You will be asked to run at increasing speeds of 0.5 km/hr over a 20 meter shuttle distance to the pace of a cd player. You will start off jogging at 8.5 km/hr at level 1. The test will bleep to start and you must meet the bleep at each 20m shuttle.

How far is level 5.4 on the beep test?

To pass the test, potential recruits must achieve a “ Level 5.4 ” rating, which means being able to “beat the bleep ” by running the 15m stretch in five or six seconds by the end of the test.

How far is 11 on the beep test?

Beep Test Tables

Level Shuttles Cumulative Distance (m)
11 12 2120
12 12 2360
13 13 2620
14 13 2880


How do I train for the beep test in a week?

Some long slow running – between 3-10 kms or 2-6 miles. 1 mile/kilometer runs x 3-5. Circuit training – incorporating whole body activities (running, cycle, stepper), body weight exercises and lifting weights. Interval or fartlek training – repeat 400-800m runs with a short rest or jogging in between.

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What level is the beep test police?

This gives opportunity to understand the bleep system as well as warming you up. The test then starts back at Level 1. 5.4 is the minimum standard required and Police Officers will be expected to pass this test on an annual basis.

How far is level 9 on the beep test?

20 Meter Test

Level Laps Level Distance (m)
7 10 200
8 10 200
9 10 200
10 11 220


What is the average beep test for a 14 year old?

Beep Test Norms (Males)

very poor average
12-13 yrs < 3/3 6/5-7/5
14 -15 yrs < 4/7 7/5-8/9
16-17 yrs < 5/1 8/3-9/9
18-25 yrs < 5/2 8/6-10/1


How do police train for bleep test?

What’s the best way to train?

  1. Steady running (warm up 5 mins, followed by 15-20 mins of running at a steady pace, then a cool down).
  2. Interval training (warm up 5 mins, 30 secs hard sprint + 30 secs walking x 10, cool down). Interval training simulates what your body will go through in the bleep test.

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