Question: How To Freeze La Fitness Membership?

How do I freeze my LA Fitness membership online?

How to suspend your membership: Online by clicking on the My LA Fitness tab, logging in and clicking on the ” Freeze ” option on the right side of the screen. How to suspend your membership: Online by clicking on the My City Sports Club tab, logging in and clicking on the ” Freeze ” option on the right side of the screen.

Is LA Fitness freezing membership?

On the company’s website, LA Fitness issued a notice that it has “temporarily closed the California and Arizona clubs,” due to the “order of the Governors” in those states. Just found out my gym (@ LAFitness ) is charging us a $20/month fee to freeze our memberships during the pandemic.

Can I freeze my Fitness First membership?

You can freeze your membership from 1 or more fortnights, up to a maximum of 4 fortnights each calendar year. The time freeze fee for all memberships is $8 per fortnight, which you can pay in advance or by direct debit.

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How do I stop my LA Fitness membership?

Log into LA Fitness and go to the “ My LA Fitness ” page. In the “Account Information” section, select “Cancellation Form”. Print out the form and complete it. After a couple of days, call the LA Fitness customer service to confirm your cancelation.

Is LA Fitness still charging me?

Fortunately, despite having closed every club on March 16, we will be able to continue to fully compensate every employee, whether working or not, for the entire month of March, and we will continue to provide health insurance at no cost for all current benefit holders through June 30.

Can you cancel a gym membership over the phone?

In order to cancel your contract, you may have to send a letter to your gym by way of certified mail. Certified mail provides proof that they’ve received the letter (other gyms may specifically require in-person or over the phone can cancellations, so read your contract or the gym’s website carefully).

Can I freeze my personal training sessions at LA Fitness?

At our gym clients can freeze a PT agreement until they get back on their feet if they call in and speak with a manager.

Did esporta buyout LA Fitness?

As of January 1, 2020, we are rebranding 17 of our LA Fitness locations in the greater Phoenix market to Esporta Fitness. You’ll still have the same amenities and the same group of clubs (whether they are called Esporta or LA Fitness ) as part of your membership that you already currently enjoy.

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How is LA Fitness doing financially?

A key measure of the company’s debt relative to earnings is expected to rise above eight times by the end of 2020 and remain high in 2021, according to Moody’s. LA Fitness fully drew on its revolving credit facility during the pandemic and is burning cash, the ratings company said.

How much does it cost to cancel Fitness First?

We will charge you an exit fee that is equal to 20% of the remaining contract value on your membership.

What happens when you freeze your gym membership?

For example, 24-Hour Fitness froze fees until gyms were allowed to open back up. Fees will resume if the location you visit opens. However, if you’re still not ready to go back, there are some options. The gym is offering a one-month additional freeze for some members, or you can pay a small monthly “ freeze fee.”

Can you cancel a 12 month gym contract?

Most gym contracts are 6, 12 or 18 months. It’s highly unlikely that you signed up for a contract that goes for over 3 years. Contact your gym and ask them for a copy of your contract, and that should outline the cancellation procedure on there.

How much is LA Fitness cancellation fee?

LA Fitness Prices – La Fitness Membership Cost

Service Cost
Initiation Fee $99.99
Monthly Fee $29.49
Cancellation Fee $0.00
Premium Prices (Unlimited Clubs Access)


Why does LA Fitness make it so hard to cancel?

Companies want your money. A lot of people ambitiously get gym memberships, realize they don’t want it anymore and want to get out ASAP with no penalties. So, they make it hard to cancel because they want your money.

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Can LA Fitness hurt my credit?

LA Fitness might send you to bill collections, which could impact your credit score and history in a negative way. A bad credit score can limit your decisions in the future, such as taking out loans for big purchases or mortgages for houses.

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