Often asked: Goodlife Fitness How Old Do You Have To Be?

What is the age limit for GoodLife?

Is there a minimum age to join GoodLife Fitness? The minimum age to join GoodLife is 12-years-old. We require a parent or legal guardian to sign for anyone under the age of majority in each province.

Can under 16 go to the gym?

Children must be 16 years old or over to use the Gym alone. Those aged 14-15 years may use the gym providing their parent / guardian is in the club, they are on a 14 – 15 year membership and they have completed a Fitness Orientation. Children over the age of 8 years should use their own sex changing rooms.

Can I bring a guest to GoodLife?

Members may bring a maximum of one (1) guest per day during Guest Pass Access Hours. Members can bring one (1) different guest for each free visit. Any guests must be accompanied by the member to gain access to the club.

How do I join GoodLife Fitness?

How to become a member

  1. Go to the GoodLife gym you love.
  2. Ask the staff for a membership.
  3. Complete the membership form.
  4. Get your access card with a barcode.
  5. Work out!
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Does GoodLife have a student discount?

Does GoodLife Fitness Offer Student Discounts? GoodLife Fitness Student Discount is offered by GoodLife Fitness for reducing the stress of students. Discount is usually about 20% when you place your order online.

Can GoodLife members go to Fit4Less?

Can I use my Fit4Less Membership at GoodLife clubs? A Fit4Less membership provides access to Fit4Less clubs only. Similarly, a GoodLife Fitness membership provides access to GoodLife clubs only.

Can a 13 year old use a treadmill?

We also managed a 13 – year – old child who sustained injury when trying to use the machine unsupervised. A treadmill is not a toy for children and they should not be left alone and allowed to use or even touch the machine. It is the parents’ responsibility to supervise and prevent children from accessing a treadmill.

Can I start gym at 15?

Lifting weights as a teenager can be beneficial, as long as you’re safe about it. As a parent, if you’re questioning whether weight training for your 15 -year-old is healthy and safe, the answer is simple: Yes, as long as your teen is responsible about it.

Can a 13 year old go to Puregym?

Members must be 16+ to join.

Can I share my GoodLife membership?

There’s is a section in the goodlife membership form stating that you can ‘t share the membership with anyone else. You can however transfer a membership, might be the better option.

Does GoodLife do day passes?

10 Day Free Pass At Goodlife, we’ve got more than 80 clubs nationwide, 24.7 access and a huge range of group fitness classes, to make your health and fitness journey convenient and excuse free! Fill out the form to get access.

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Can I cancel GoodLife membership online?

Email [email protected] and ask them to cancel your account. Check out the instructions above to cancel your GoodLife Fitness membership.

What’s included in GoodLife corporate membership?

Your GoodLife Fitness membership will give you access to 250+ GoodLife Fitness clubs as well as short term access to 24 Hour Fitness. For more information, please visit a club near you. Is Towel Service included in my Corporate Membership? Your membership may include towel service, depending on the Company agreement.

How do I book my GoodLife workout?

To book an appointment when gyms in your province open up again, go to the GoodLife website and sign in with your email address or member ID. On the main menu, there’s a section dedicated solely to bookings. Once you click on that, select which gym you want to go to and whether you want to do a class or a solo workout.

Does GoodLife have an app?

The GoodLife Fitness App, now available on the App Store, will allow members to get the most out of their GoodLife Fitness membership. GoodLife Fitness also plans to make an Android compatible app that will be available early in 2014.

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