FAQ: How To Use Goodlife Fitness?

How do I book a workout at GoodLife?

To book an appointment when gyms in your province open up again, go to the GoodLife website and sign in with your email address or member ID. On the main menu, there’s a section dedicated solely to bookings. Once you click on that, select which gym you want to go to and whether you want to do a class or a solo workout.

Can I bring a guest to GoodLife?

Members may bring a maximum of one (1) guest per day during Guest Pass Access Hours. Members can bring one (1) different guest for each free visit. Any guests must be accompanied by the member to gain access to the club.

Do you have to book workouts at GoodLife?

The vast majority of our clubs continue to require advance bookings. Each club will have a slightly different schedule for workouts and group fitness classes. We recommend you check your club’s schedule by logging into our member website, and selecting ‘ Book ‘ on the left-hand navigation.

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How do I use my GoodLife discount?

Discount for GoodLife Members is applied to Canada’ already lowest priced supplements and sports nutrition products at all participating locations. Not to be combined with other coupons or promotions or used towards the purchase of gift cards. Goodlife Members must present valid membership key tag to receive discount.

Does GoodLife have a student discount?

Does GoodLife Fitness Offer Student Discounts? GoodLife Fitness Student Discount is offered by GoodLife Fitness for reducing the stress of students. Discount is usually about 20% when you place your order online.

How do I freeze my GoodLife membership on the app?

How do I freeze my membership to hold my payments? Please inquire at the front desk of your Club about putting your membership on freeze. Click here to Find a Gym, or contact our Member Experience Department at 1-800-387-2524 or by using our Member Chat.

Can someone else use my GoodLife membership?

You will be required to sign a guest pass to do so. Please bring a copy of your membership agreement with you, as well as your photo ID. I am an existing GoodLife Member (club or corporate)… If you are an existing GoodLife Fitness Member and already have a GoodLife key tag, you can continue to use the Club as normal.

Can I share my GoodLife membership?

There’s is a section in the goodlife membership form stating that you can ‘t share the membership with anyone else. You can however transfer a membership, might be the better option.

What does GoodLife membership include?

ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP Access to all 200+ Clubs. Group Fitness. Strength & Cardio Equipment. GoodLife Rewards.

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Does GoodLife own Fit4Less?

Can I use my Fit4Less Membership at GoodLife clubs? A Fit4Less membership provides access to Fit4Less clubs only. Similarly, a GoodLife Fitness membership provides access to GoodLife clubs only.

Does my GoodLife membership automatically renew?

Please note that your renewal cannot be completed more than 35 days prior to your expiry date. If you pay bi-weekly for your membership, you will not receive any notification. Your membership will automatically continue on a month-to month basis.

How do I cancel my GoodLife membership online?

Note that if you’re still within your commitment period, you may need to pay an early cancellation fee. Email [email protected] goodlifefitness.com and ask them to cancel your account. These are included below:

  1. Call 1-800-387-2524.
  2. Email [email protected] goodlifefitness.com.
  3. In-person with an associate at your local GoodLife Fitness gym.

How do you get the source discount on PSP?

The Source PSP discounts can be used at any one of 450+ participating The Source stores or online at thesource.ca. * To receive your PSP discounts and in-store membership card login to the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre self-serve portal to receive the validation code and link to the PSP registration site.

How much is a GoodLife membership Winnipeg?

Memberships Available at Winnipeg Kenaston. Each plan includes a one-time joining fee of $49.99, which will be split into two installments.

How do I cancel my GoodLife membership on Reddit?

Goodlife fitness membership cancellation

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]
  4. [email protected]

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