Readers ask: How To Snatch Crossfit?

How do you snatch for beginners?

The Olympic Weightlifting Guide to the Snatch for Beginners

  1. Keep Your Eyes Up.
  2. Keep Your Arms Straight.
  3. Get the Bar to Your Hips.
  4. Keep Your Elbows High on the Turnover.
  5. Be Active in the Receiving Position.
  6. Maintain Your Back Angle.
  7. Have a Static Start (When You’re New to the Lift)
  8. Don’t Skimp on Positional/Skill Work.

How do you do a proper snatch?

How to Do the Power Snatch

  1. Step 1: Setup. Begin with the bar on the floor positioned close to your shins over your shoelaces.
  2. Step 2: First Pull. Pull the bar off the floor by powerfully extending your legs, keeping your back flat and your chest up.
  3. Step 3: Scoop and Second Pull.
  4. Step 4: Catch.
  5. Step 5: Drop the bar.

What’s a good beginner snatch weight?

Power Snatch Strength Standards

Body Weight Untrained Novice
165 65 115
181 70 125
198 75 130
220 80 135


Can you teach yourself snatch?

Hold a stick with a snatch grip and bring the stick overhead and behind your body without bending your elbows. If your shoulders are too tight, start with a wider grip and slowly move your hands inward to your snatch grip as your shoulders start to warm up. Perform 15 reps before going into the barbell movement prep.

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How much can a beginner snatch?

A bodyweight snatch is still very much so a beginner standard for weightlifting and is very achievable for those with a 4/4 front squat of 125% body weight. The best relative strength result at the Roosters was Jake Friend who snatched 90kg at a bodyweight of just under 90kg.

How much should you hang snatch?

Hang snatch reps should be kept to 1-3 per set.

How do you snatch weight?

The snatch is the first of two lifts contested in the sport of weightlifting (also known as Olympic weightlifting) followed by the clean and jerk. The objective of the snatch is to lift the barbell from the ground to overhead in one continuous motion. Men.

Weight class Name Lift
109+ kg Lasha Talakhadze 222 kg


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