FAQ: How Tall Is Dan Bailey Crossfit?

How tall is Josh Bridges CrossFit?

CrossFit Athlete At 5’5” and 160 pounds, the versatile, determined Bridges charged his way to a 2nd place overall finish, quickly making him among the most popular new faces in the sport.

How tall is Austin Malleolo?

Austin Malleolo is a three-time winner of the Northeast Regional (2011-2013) and finished in the Top 10 at the CrossFit Games in both 2010 and 2012. The 5’5”, 175 LB New York native was already a personal trainer when he entered the CrossFit world in 2009.

How tall are CrossFit athletes?

The average of all competitors is 179cm (5’10.75″). The US average height is 5’9.5″ for men 20-29. Crossfit for the Open is taller than average. The Top 500 are a full centimeter shorter than the average.

Is Dan Bailey CrossFit single?

Dan Bailey has been single for most (or all) of his time as an elite CrossFitter, so much so that CrossFit HQ staff have joked that Bailey should be on ABC’s The Bachelor.

Did Josh Bridges deploy?

Bridges left the Navy in 2015 as an E-6, and spent the last three years of his active duty time in a training command as a master training specialist while rehabbing from knee surgery for a torn ACL, PCL and MCL sustained during deployment.

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How much is Josh bridges worth?

Josh is one of the richest Fitness Instructor. Josh is listed on Richest Fitness Instructor. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Josh Bridges net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

How tall is Chris Spealler?

Games legend Chris Spealler, at 5’5” and 145lbs, routinely battled against men far taller and heavier during his seven appearances at the CrossFit Games.

Who is the heaviest CrossFit athlete?


  • Heaviest male – 220lbs/100kg (David Shorunke)
  • Heaviest female – 165lbs/75kg (Laura Clifton)
  • Lightest male – 175lbs/80kg (Scott Tetlow)
  • Lightest female – 127lbs/58kg (Kendall Vincelette)

How old are most CrossFit athletes?

6/39 men are aged 30 or older, totaling 15% of the mens field. 16/40 women are aged 30 or older, totaling 40% of the womens field. Since 2015 female competitors have averaged consistently older than the men, with the biggest age differential being in 2016 where the mens average age was 26 compared to the women’s 28.

Who is the tallest female Crossfitter?

HEIGHT. Tallest Individual female was Kirsti Pedri at 5’9″. Tallest Individual males were Brent Fikowski and Garrett Fisher, both 6’2″. Shortest Individual female was Emily Bridgers at 5’1″.

What happened to Dan Bailey CrossFit?

“The first injury I had was a quad tendon rupture at the CrossFit Games Open in 2018, followed by a torn labrum in my shoulder. I was not in good shape mentally. I’ve never had a serious injury and in my head I was pretty devastated. It’s not exactly the way I wanted to go out on the season…or my career.

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What does Dan Bailey eat?

He consumes eggs, peanut butter, whole milk, and even bacon. This ensures that his fat requirement gets met. To make sure that he gets his fill of carbs, Bailey enjoys oatmeal, potatoes, and whole wheat bread.

What does Dan Bailey do for a living?

A former Division-I sprinter at Ohio University, Dan Bailey is a five-year individual CrossFit Games veteran, finishing within striking distance of the podium in each of his Games appearances (his best finish was fourth in 2015).

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